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Lot Size: 375 Acres
Property Type: Land
Property Status: Auction




375 ± ACRES – 3 FARMS—42 ± TRACTS









LOCATION:  Green Co., KY.   Greensburg, Community– From Greensburg (on the square) – Take KY 70, 68 & 61 southwest app 1.7 miles to the KY 61 intersection –turn left on KY 61 and go App 2.9 miles to KY 565 intersection -turn left on KY 565 and go app 0.7 miles to the beginning of Div 2 (Ebenezer Rd Farm and go 0.5 miles more to the end of Div 2– proceed on for 1.2 miles on KY 565 to the Green-Taylor water tower at Penitentiary Rd Intersection– turn left on Penitentiary Rd and go 0.9 miles to 935 Penitentiary Rd and Neagle Rd at Div 3 and Div 4—proceed on past Neagle Rd for app 0.8 miles to Division 1 near the intersection of Penitentiary Rd and Buford Akin Rd.— SIGNS POSTED NOTE: Sale will be held at The Nest Venue, 195 Lee Oak Dr. Hodgenville, KY. 42748. (Right off Lincoln Parkway)

REASON FOR SALE: By order of the Honorable Judge Joan A. Lloyd – United States Bankruptcy Court—Western District of Kentucky, Case #17-10922-jal, Michael Wheatley, Trustee, has commissioned Harned Auctioneers to sell the following described property under the hammer!!

REAL ESTATE: Div. 1 — 1929 Penitentiary Rd, Greensburg, KY—app 47 Acres—9 Tracts—located on both sides of Penitentiary Rd near the Buford Akin Rd intersection in Green Co. Improvements include a 48 X 48 tobacco barn and some perimeter fencing. Land consists of app 46.7 ac in all (38 ac planted in corn in 2020) has app. 35.22 ac in FSA cropland -Frederick silt loam soil, with balance in woodland fronting on the Green River. Div. 1 has app. 1950’ feet of road frontage on Penitentiary Rd, is served by county water along all road frontage, and will sell in 9 tracts ranging in size from 3 ac to 7.3 ac each.

The Tracts: Div 1—1929 Penitentiary Rd. Tract #1—5.7 acres—221’ road frontage (R.F.) on penitentiary Rd. (PR) – 2.2 ac woodland overlooking Green River—3.5 ac cropland. Tracts #2, 3, 4—3.7 to 4.8 acres each—217’ to 356’ R.F. (PR) – 0.8 ac to 1 ac each tract overlooking Green River—2.7 to 3.8 ac cropland eact tract—nice farmsteads. Tracts #5, 6, 7—4 to 5.8 acres each—235’ to 241’ R.F. on (PR) – 3 to 4.8 ac cropland on each tract. Tract #8—7.3 acres—174’ R.F. on (PR) – 48 X 48 tobacco barn—0.8 woodland acres—6.5 ac cropland. Tract #9—7 acres—178’ R.F. on (PR) – 0.5 ac woodland—6.5 ac cropland—all 9 tracts have potentially great farmstead areas.

Div. 2 – 810 Ebenezer Rd, Greensburg, KY -app. 84 Acres (survey under way) – 9 tracts—located on KY 565 (Ebenezer Rd) app. 4.8 miles south east of Greensburg. Improvements include a 12’ X 30’ metal utility storage building, and some perimeter fencing. Land contains in all app 84 acres (new survey under way), has app 76.58 ac FSA cropland, (61 ac corn planted in 2020)app 4 ac in woodland, and app 4 ac in pasture and natural drains. Cropland consists of Top quality Frederick and Mountainview silt loam soils, ideal for cropping or harvesting high quality forage every year, farm has app 2350’ on road frontage on Ebenezer Rd (KY 565) with county water available or along most of the road frontage. Farm has an FSA 6.2 ac corn base, an FSA 0.3 ac wheat base, and will sell in 9 tracts ranging in size from 4.8412 ac. to 14.1193 ac.

The Tracts:  Div. 2—810 Ebenezer Rd. Tracts 13, 14, 15, 16 –4.8-6.6 acres each road frontage (R.F.) on private roadway easement (PRE) -all highly productive cropland. Tract #17—13 acres—R.F. on (PRE) – app 11.5 acres in cropland—balance in shade & pasture. Tract # 18 –12 acres—R.F. on (PRE) – app 8 acres in cropland—balance in shade & pasture. Tract #19—14 acres—app 780’ R.F. on KY 565—mostly in corn 2020—balance pasture. Tract #20—11.3 acres—app 400’ R.F. on KY 565—everlasting spring water—mostly in corn 2020. Tract #21—app11.3 acres- app 1396’ R.F. on KY 565—mostly in corn in 2020—top of the hill -home site!

Div 3935 Penitentiary Rd, Greensburg, KY– app 1 ac lot and a splendid brick home (consisting of Living-room, country kitchen w/dining area, full bath( w/ shower only), 3 bedrooms, carpet & vinyl flooring, painted walls & ceiling) central heat & air, front & side porches, and much more). Land is app 1 ac (survey underway) w/road frontage on Penitentiary Rd and mature shade trees all around the home. Move in condition!


Div 4—100 Neagle Rd, Greensburg, KY—app 247 ac  – 24 tracts— located very near 935 Penitentiary Rd Greensburg, KY and along both sides of Neagle Rd—only 6.2 miles southeast of Greensburg.  Improvements include a 2 story frame home (consisting of Living-room, country kitchen, full bath, 2 bedrooms—all downstairs—while upstairs has 2 finished bedrooms and a large area that is unfinished), a 60’ X 48’ metal tool shed, a 56’ X 86’ feeding barn and tool shed, a 34’ X 80’ feeding barn w/5’ trough and  concrete floors, a 64’ X 129’ tobacco barn w/metal siding & sliding doors, a 40’ X 307’ feeding barn (consisting of 100’ X 40’ metal sided barn with stalls, sorting pens, water, and completely enclosed . Balance of barn is open air for feeding measures 25.8’ outside posts X 207’ long and has app 7’ over hangs on each side of barn w/concrete floors for trough feeding areas), and lots of perimeter fencing.   Land contains app 247 ac in all (new survey underway) of which app 200.9 FSA cropland (app 170 ac was planted in corn in 2020), app 40 ac in pasture, woodland, and drains, and 5 ac in farmstead areas. Cropland consists of top quality Frederick, Mountainview, Elk and Nolin silt loam soils—ideal for cropping or harvesting high quality forage every year. Farm has app 1100’ road frontage on Penitentiary Rd, with co water along it’s road frontage, plus 5 springs, 2 deep wells, and app 2300’ of Green River Frontage. Farm has an FSA 48.1 ac corn base, FSA 2.2 ac wheat base, FSA 6.0 ac oat base, and will sell in 24 tracts ranging in sizes from 1 ac to app 20 ac each.

The Tracts: Div  4—100 Neagle Rd. Tracts #25—0.92 acres—road frontage (R.F.) on Neagle Rd. (NR) – 60 X 48 metal tool shed—nice farmstead area. Tract # 26—2.25 acres—R.F. on (NR) -64’ X 80’ feeding barn & tool shed—nice home site 34’ X 80’ feeding barn w/concrete trough & floors. Tract #27—3 acres R.F. on (NR) – 64’ X 129’ tobacco barn w/metal siding & sliding doors—nice farmstead. Tract #28—2.1 acres—R.F. on (NR) all in grass—beautiful homestead. Tract #29—12.1 acres—R.F. on (NR) – 2 story frame home—Green River Frontage—app 3 acres in grass—balance wooded. Tracts #30, 31, 32—R.F. on (NR) – all 3 tracts are top quality cropland.  Tracts #33, 34, 35—app 17 to 21 acres each—R.F. on private Rd Tract “A” – Green River Frontage—top quality cropland—and everlasting spring on each tract. Tracts #36 & 37—10 to 11 acres each R.F. on (NR) – all top quality cropland and top of the hill homesites. Tract #38—15.3 acres—R.F. on (NR) – app 20 acres to quality cropland—balance in wooded hunting areas—great hunting tract. Tract #39—32.7 acres—R.F. on (NR) – app 20 acres top quality cropland—balance in wooded hunting areas—full of whitetail & turkey. Tracts #40 & 41—15 to 19 acres each—R.F. on (NR) – both app 75% top quality cropland and balance in woodland—great whitetail & turkey areas. Tract #42—10.8 acres app 80’ R.F. on Penitentiary Rd.—40 X 307’ cattle feeding barn—app 4.63 acres cleared—balance woodland. Tracts # 43, 44, 45, 46—5.3 to 8.7 acres each—R.F. on Penitentiary Rd. (PR) all 4 tracts are great mini farms tead areas and building sites—plus top quality cropland. Tracts #47, 48, 49—1.5 to 1.6 acres each R.F. on (NR) – all beautiful homesites and top quality farmland.

See—www. billyfrankharned.com for details

TERMS:  20% down day of sale in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or personal check with current bank letter of credit addressed to Harned Auctioneers, LLC. -Balance on or before 60 days w/ delivery of deed. A 10% Buyers Premium will be added to all winning bids.  TAXES:  Pro-rated to scheduled closing date.  POSSESSION: Cropland Immediately – (2) houses & buildings w/deed.  TRUSTEE: Michael Wheatley—In an abundance of caution, the CDC protocol for the COVID 19 virus, will be followed throughout this auction.

Inspections: Wednesday, April 14th—5 to 7 pm EDST and Sundays April 18th & 25th—2 to 4 pm EDST.